Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Akamar Herald Year One Issue Five

The next player's turn brought trouble for the Grand Confederation when another event card was drawn.  The campaign rules include methods for resolving sieges and battles when players are unable to fight a miniatures battle.  The results of those battles and the sieges in the other countries are in the next issue of The Akamar Herald



The Grand Confederation has been invaded.  Hordes of invading bvarbarians have swept into the territories of the Grand Confederation. 

In Perseus Brown Dort was slain while trying to flee with his treasury and harem.  The fortifications in Eridanus and Horologium are being besieged, while the Nobles of the city of Alkes and the Tribes of Enif have taken to the field in Argos and Monokeros respectively in a valiant attempt to halt the invaders.  Will they be able to stop the ravening hordes; will Eridanus and Horologium hold out against their besiegers, will the Grand Confederation even survive?   The next issue of “The Akamar Herald” will have the latest news of this horrible turn of events.

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