Sunday, October 12, 2014

Encounter at Crazy Rodent - The Battle

From the Journal of Major  Clouseau

11,10,3014 on Planet Crazy Rodent.
We have encountered the Panthari near the spaceship site.  My battalion was able to quickly advance to the site and occupy it.  One of my platoons located the opening to the spaceship, but as it approached the opening it vanished in a flash of light.   The rest of the battalion took refuge near the base of the ship while the tanks from our brigade engaged the approaching Panthari armor under the command of General Burdine.  

General Kavenkis moved his brigade to the site in order to prevent the Panthari from taking it away from General Lange's brigade and to keep the Panthari brigade of General Pamandanan from outflanking our brigade.  On our left flank General Bratrovich was heavily engaged with the brigade of General Bacchetti. 

Troops from my command were able to locate the controls for opening the spaceship causing a large ramp to lower from the side of the ship.   Before we could enter, a gigantic creature/vehicle descended the ramp and turned towards the Panthari who had been shooting at the infantry from General Henshaw's brigade next to the buildings.  Their fire had struck the buildings, but had not caused any damage.  

The creature was a hideous green color, with two giant claws protruding from the front, a large stalk on top with a gigantic eye,  several tentacles on the top, and hundreds of legs underneath.  The creature emitted a blast of plasma destroying several Panthari tanks

While the creature was engaged with the Panthari, I ordered my battalion to enter the ship and secure it.  Inside the ship was a large hold with several hatches leading to other parts of the ship.   My troops dispersed through the ship looking for any members of the crew and the controls.   We did not find any living creatures on the ship, though there were a few piles of dust in various locations.   We eventually found the control room and by a stroke of good fortune were able to gain control of the ship, halt the creature, and secure the site.

The above is an account of the Future War Commander game we played on Saturday, October 11th at the Crazy Squirrel Game Shop at 464 East Bullard, Fresno.  The shop has a large area set aside for gaming.  There are a number of places within a couple of blocks for food.  The vehicles from both sides were from the FASA Renegade Legion and Terran Overlord Government plastic cohort sets.  figures are from various 6mm manufacturers.  The Ogrethulu is from Steve Jackson games.   Pictures of the game follow. The spaceship and buidlings were items that I had picked up at a convention many years ago.  There were a few blunders during the game.  One of them caused the platoon near the ship to take hits from enemy fire.  As there were no enemy near enough to fire at the time it was ruled as the ship that did the damage causing the platoon to be eliminated.

 Jeff, Brent, and Neal the Panthari Imperium generals.
 Mike and Ron. two of the Federation Generals.  Dave was the third Federation General
 The initial turn.  Part of Ron's command was able to quickly secure the site.
 The engagement heats up

 Jeff and Dave's forces exchange shots.  Jeff's force has taken more casualties than Dave's.
 The action near the site.
Neal attempts to outflank Mike's command.  Shortly after this Ron was able to open the ship and an Ogrethulu came out of it.  The first force it attacked was Brent's.   Meanwhile Ron's infantry boarded the spaceship while the Ogrethulu was facing away.  The Ogrethulu then turned on Mike's command after the lead elements of Brent's force were suppressed by a Federation artillery bombardment.   Throughout the game the Federation artillery was more effective than the Imperium's.  The game was called about 4:30.  Ron had secured the spaceship, but his command had been broken.   The Federation had achieved a Pyrrhic victory by capturing the ship and suppressing the Ogrethulu.

Encounter at Crazy Rodent - Prelude to Battle

From the Journal of Major J. Clouseau
10,10,3014 Crazy Rodent

After landing on Crazy Rodent our force has advanced towards the spaceship site.  We are now within a few kilometers and our advance recon elements have the ship in sight.   It has been confirmed that the Panthari Imperium has also landed a division size force on the planet that is also within a few kilometers of the spaceship site.

We will begin our advance in the early hours of the morning.  Unless things change, we will be engaging the Panthari forces tomorrow. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Encounter at Crazy Rodent - Journey to the Planet

From the journal of Major J. Clouseau, commander 2nd Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment, 51st Division

7,10,3014 onboard Federation Transport Gwendolyn. 

All elements of our division have been briefed on our plans for capturing the spaceship and facilities on the planet Crazy Rodent in the Fresnel star system.   Approximately three weeks ago a survey ship from one of the planets of Unaligned Worlds Region had discovered an unknown type of spaceship and buildings on the second planet of the Fresnel star system.   They had given the planet a name used in their language for a small, furry, tree dwelling, nut gatherer, with large incisors and an erratic behavior.  The nearest translation of the name is Crazy Rodent.

Upon learning of the discovery Federation High Command ordered our division to embark on our transports, head for the Fresnel system, and secure the site.  It is believed that the Panthari Imperium has also dispatched a military force to secure the site for the Imperium.

The 51st has six mechanized infantry battalions, three tank battalions, three artillery battalions, and division support units.  All combat units are equipped with grav vehicles.

The briefing also included the survey report and video conducted by the independents.  While surveying the planet they had spotted an anomaly on one of the land masses.  Closer observation revealed a spaceship of unknown design and three buildings.  Two of the buildings were spherical and the center one was a pyramid.   A remotely piloted drone was launched to take a closer look at the site.  While the ship and structures appeared to be in excellent condition, the site also seemed to be quite old.  As the drone moved closer to the structures and ship, the transmissions from it started to degrade.  The crew of the survey ship was able to move the drone away and was able to determine that staying about 10 kilometers away from the ship and structures did not result in any degradation of the transmissions from the drone.   The survey crew elected to not attempt to land and inspect the site and after recovering the drone, immediately left the system to report their find.

Crazy Rodent is a Terrestrial world with no signs of intelligent inhabitants.  The site is located in a hilly and wooded area with a stream passing next to the ship.   There are the remains of some roads at the site that lead to a pair of excavated areas.   The roads are badly decayed and the excavations are overgrown with vegetation.   The excavation sites appear to have been quarries. 

Our plan calls for the my battalion and the rest of the brigade under the command of General R. Lange to advance in the middle between the other two brigades and secure the site.   The other brigades are to secure the area around the site.