Saturday, February 5, 2011


In addition to re-basing my Lace Wars figures, I also finished painting my vikings and saxons. Along with them I have also added the Celtic warriors and the Spanish infantry from my Carthagenian army. The Saxons and Vikings are all from Heroics and Ros. The Celts are from Irregular and the Spanish are a mix of Irregular and H&R.

Clove-Hamhock Cuirassiers

I decided that I wanted to re-base most of my lace wars figures so that I could use them for other rule sets in addition to Volley and Bayonet after our club fought a game using Koenigs Krieg.  While doing this I also set up two opposing battalions engaging each other at a distance of fifty yards.  The figure ratio is about 1:4.  The figures are all Heroics and Ros 1:300 scale figures.  At this scale 1mm is about 1 foot.  The two lines are separated by about 160mm.  I still have quite a few more infantry to finish re-basing along with the Dragoons and Hussars.


Two views of infantry battalions about 50 scale yards apart.  160 miniatures per battalion on a scale frontage of 131 yards.