Sunday, January 17, 2021

Projects for 2021 and completed projects from 2020

Back in January of last year I posted the following projects for 2020. Projects for 2020 are as follows: All are 6mm unless noted otherwise. 
Complete Late Roman/Byzantine army completed 
 Complete Sassanid army completed 
 Add cavalry to Achaemenid army completed 
 Finish Warbands not started 
 Make additional built up areas in progress 
 Make pine Forest not started 
 I have a dozen two foot square interlocking mats that have been painted a light brown to finish in progress 
 I have a bunch of 28mm Fantasy figures in various stages of painting to finish. Finished some armies, working on others 
 Add a few more 28mm science fiction building paper buildings. completed 

 In addition to the above I also completed a 28mm sci-fi alien battle group, sci-fi IFV's and tanks. I could have done quite a bit more, but spent the later part of the year doing things other than wargaming. 

This year I will be working on the items that were not completed. The 6mm warbands and the pine forest are the lowest priority at the moment. The 6mm built up areas, two foot square interlocking terrain mats, and the remaining 28mm fantasy have the higher priority.