Monday, July 13, 2020

Repair Bots, buildings, and scatter terrain

spent last week assembling some more 28mm science fiction items.   These are free items from the website mentioned in previous posts. 

I added five more buildings to the previous two that I made.   They come in three different sidings - brick, planks, and panels and a variety of colors.   The panels consist of six with windows, two with ventilators/chimneys, and six solid that can be arranged in any order desired of twelve panels.  They also have a doorway and up to three dormers that can be added.  I made the two buildings with panels into a combined structure by adding the extra part provided for joining buildings together.  I left the bottom of the buildings open so that I can stack them and save storage space.

Now I am waiting for an order of business signs from Iliada Game Studio that I will be adding to various buildings that I have already made and some additional ones that I will be making that I just purchased from PaperTerrain.   These were announced back in March and are available already printed or in PDF format.  One of the sets includes three buildings that can be joined together or used separately.   He also has a wall and gate set and a set of storage containers.  The picture is from his website.  I purchased the tower, the two story building next to it,  the three stall market building next that and the three building combination in the lower ;right, along with the gate and wall set.  The tower and the individual buildings occupy about a six in square area as to the three modules in the combination set.  Except for the tower, each set includes exterior wall panels, buttresses, doors and bays that can be placed as desired or left off.  It appears that one of the wall sections has been shortened next to the gate in the lower right of the picture.  The sets look to be easy and quick to assemble.

The last picture is of the repair vehicles and bots, a pair of forklifts, and a couple of accumulators.  The vehicles and bots can be printed in different color sets if desired.   I chose to use the yellow set.  The repair vehicles consist of a control vehicle, two tool chests and an open trailer.

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