Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Army of the Dark Lord part 3

I finished painting four units of heavy infantry and three units of archers.  There is another unit of heavy infantry to paint along with half a unit of elf light infantry and another half unit of human light infantry.  These will be done at a later date while I work on some other projects.  These figures were all primed and the Black Guard was finished a while back.  Front row from left to right two units of human archers, one unit of elf crossbowmen.  Back row from left to right a unit of heavy infantry (most of the figures are from the Battle Masters game) the Black Guard, another unit of heavy infantry, and a unit of elf spearmen.  The Black Guard has their weapons, shield designs, and other metal items highlighted with antique gold.  This doesn't show up too well in the picture, but there is a out of focus closeup of them in the third picture down in the Battle of Rabid Rabbits Rapids report here

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