Thursday, July 11, 2019

Catching up on the past few months

The past couple of months have been a bit busy.   I am finally getting around to posting on the blog.   There was a Laser and the Flame game at the South Bay game Club, a What a Tanker Game at the Miniature Wargaming Society of Sacramento, and an All Quiet on the Martian Front game at Fresno..

 I was on the Russian side for the What a Tanker game.   My T34 took out a couple of German tanks before being destroyed.   I then received an ISU152.   It had a very powerful gun in the rules, but unfortunately my die rolling was horrible and I couldn't cause enough damage to the Tiger I.  We traded shots at short range for several turns with the Tiger making almost all the saving throws, before finally causing enough damage to destroy the ISU.  

The Laser and the Flame game is a variant of the Sword and the Flame/  The [players had to recover control of the spaceship before it crashed into the home world.   The ship was infested with creatures that we had to eliminate as we worked our way through the ship trying to get to the bridge to regain control.   We captured the bridge only to find out that the power was off leaving us no choice but to work our way to engineering at the other end of the ship.   We were able to restore power and control by the final turn.   We each started with ten cyborgs.  Three of us were down to two at the end and the fourth player had four left.

Forward part of the ship.  Bridge on left, then computer room then main flight deck, and medical bay at bottom right.

Middle of the ship.  Flight deck on left, airlock at bottom, crew quarters at top, and hydroponics on the right.

Engineering room on the right.   We finally found the disconnected plug to the power supply after a hard fight and regained control of the ship.

For the Fresno Game I commanded an American battalion of two tank companies and an armored infantry company with an attached Hellcat platoon.   Our mission was to drive the Germans out of the town.   The Germans were caught in the middle when the Martian Tripods started attacking from their rear and flank.  By the end of the game the Germans had been wiped out.   They destroyed five of the eighteen tripods in exchange.   Our battalion had made it to the river when I ordered a halt and had us seek cover and go hull down.   It took the entire fire power of each tank company to kill a tripod.   Ron's company got one and I got another.   We also knocked out one with an airstrike and another with an artillery barrage.   At this point the game was called with the Martians having to regroup in the town.   We destroyed one more as they fell back  This allowed us to withdraw after losing the anti-tank gun platoon, some infantry and half a dozen tanks.   Final score was five kills each for the Germans and the Americans with the Martians in control of the battlefield.

The town we had to capture.

Our forces arrive.   Ron on the right flank, me on the left and Jesse following with the infantry company.

Tripods rampaging through the town.   The German tanks got too close to a Tripod when they destroyed it and lost five of their tanks in the explosion.

I have also painted some of my 28mm Scifi and fantasy figures.   The Scifi infantry are from Khurasan miniatures and will be Domain regular infantry.   The fantasy cavalry will be for the Dark One's army.

I have also finished painting and basing the 6mm Seven Years War cavalry and I am in the process of finishing the artillery and generals.   When the Heroics and Ros order arrives I will be able to finish the infantry by adding the last few grenadier units.  After that I am going to be painting a batch of Heroics and Ros 8mm Franco-Prussian War figures.

The following is from a set of Corps level army rules

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Incident Near Al Shain

Al Shain is a city in Monokeros near the border with Kaelum and Musca.  Along the border there are several small forts and villages.  The following game took place near one of them.

The8.5x11 inch political map for the Vela campaign that I ran years ago.   There is a more detailed two foot by three foot hex map of the region.

I invited some friends over for a game day and bar-b-que on May 25th.  The first game used the Fistful of Lead rules and was a diplomatic mission..  An emissary was travelling from Kaelum to Musca with an important message.  He and his escort were trying to reach the safety of the border fort.   Agents from Musca were attempting to intercept them before they reached the fort as they passed near a local village.   A group of Dwarves from the nearby mountains were on a mission to retrieve a pair of gems that had been taken from them and used to adorn a statue in the village square.  There was also a group of bandits from the Ancha desert out for loot and hostages to ransom.  The scenario is intended for about six players, though it can be played with as few as three.   The villagers could also send for assistance from the fort garrison.   Gary Bitters commanded the villagers and the diplomatic Escort.   Mike O'Brien had the desert raiders and dwarves,  While I had the rangers from Musca.
 The calm before the storm  Over view of the table from the north on the evening before the game
 View from the west
 The local fort.   The buildings and fort are from the Desert village and Desert fort sets on Wargame Vault
View from the south
 View from the east.  The village militia asleep in their homes.
 The raiders arrive at the edge of the village.

The rangers and the escort spot each other
The rangers block the path in front of the diplomat and his escort.   I was able to take down their escort leader and wound the second in command with bow fire.  One of the village militia attempted to take out the hero with the rangers by sneaking up and attacking her from the flank only to be knocked dead by a backhand slap.  (rolled a twelve to hit for a +2 to the wound roll added to the hero's additional two +1 to wound traits)
The dwarves (top center) advance gets bogged down in an exchange of missile fire with a village archer
 Fighting near the town square.  Two of the raiders have been taken down to the left of center by bow fire from the elf..  Mike's raiders and dwarves eliminated most of the village militia.   Leaving only the village chieftain, his henchman, the wounded elf, and one or two of the militia grunts still alive.
 Another view of the action between the rangers and escort.
 The dwarves reach the edge of town.  One of them would get into the building to the left, then climb to the roof where he slew the archer.   He would then exit from the front of the building to attack the elven archer from behind.  The other dwarves at the center of the picture fighting the villager.   This combat went a number of rounds with the villager (who was a grunt) being able to hold off the dwarf hero and clan leader in hand-to-hand combat.  The melee ended when the elf shot at the group with her bow killing the villager and putting shock markers on the three dwarves.  The Dwarf crossbowmen are busy reloading after missing the archer on the building roof to the left.
Dwarf on the building roof on the left. the elven archer between the building and market stall facing the angry dwarves after shooting at them.  Several of the raiders are down with wounds.  Their hero has reached the statue and was able to pry one of the jeweled eyes loose.  We ended the game after this turn with Mike being declared the victor.  The archer laying on his side on the right indicates that he is inside the building.   The green markers indicate figures that have acted during the turn.

We then sat down for a game of Red Alert.   Mike jumped out to an early lead in the game mauling several of our fleet units.   We were playing scenario three from the rule book..  Gary and I took out his heavy battleship squadron and led for a brief time.   Mike regained the lead as he continued to heavily damage our units with great use of his combat and command cards.   Gary and I were finally able to win after being able to use our cards to advance our four center units over the course of two turns and take out Mikes fleet commander.   Two of our four units were eliminated in the process.  We all made a few mistakes as we haven't memorized all the rules yet.

Thanks to both Mike and Gary for a fun day of food and gaming.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Galactic Heroes: Hostage Rescue.Game at the South Bay Game Club on May 11th.

Played a game of FfoL:  Galactic Heroes at the South Bay Game Club on May 11th.  The scenario had Doctor Plancktohn, assisted by Karen and his minions, holding Princess Pearl prisoner in castle Bas de Bikini.   The rescue force was to be airdropped on the castle.

Three of the four teams landed in the courtyard while the fourth team landed outside the back side of the castle.  The teams inside the courtyard immediately came under fire from minions stationed on the balcony overlooking the courtyard and the upper floor of the gatehouse.  Return fire had little effect.  One of the rescuers raced up the stairs leading to the upper floor of the main part of the keep while this was happening.  The team outside the castle attempted to get a grappling hook onto the top of the castle wall, but failed to do so.

On the ;second turn he opened the door only to be fired upon by three minions stationed behind it as they chanted "All hail Plancktohn.", taking two wounds  A team member with a rocket launcher fired a missile into the doorway from the courtyard scoring a direct hit taking out two of the minions, but also causing a shock hit on the guy outside the doorway.  Other team members rushed up the stairway, while the second team headed for the gatehouse.  The third team came under fire from more minions who had moved out of the tower onto the south wall of the castle.  Return fire killed two and put a chock marker on the third.

The third turn saw the surviving minion on the wall run into the main part of the keep.  The team that had fired on him broke into the lower part of the main keep.  Outside the castle the team was attempting to scale the walls, but was failing miserably with the first two guys loosing their grips and falling resulting in one being wounded and one being killed.  By the end of the fourth turn the surviving team members had managed to scale the wall and were preparing to break into the upper level of the keep.  The team leader of the group that was climbing the stairs took out his chain sword and proceeded to slice and dice the remaining minion who was blocking the door.  As the other team members entered the keep they came under fire from the far end of the hall from the minion who had run into the keep.  The minion's fire had no effect and return fire left him dead.

Meanwhile at the gatehouse the lead team member broke down the door leading into the corner half of the gatehouse, but as he broke down the door three minions inside the building opened fire killing him.  The other team members came up and fired upon them killing two.  On the following turn minions in the other half of the gatehouse opened their door and fired at the back of that team, killing another team member.  (we had been forgetting to do the new armor save rule which may have prevented some of the losses).. The rest of the team fought their way into the corner part of the gatehouse as the minions from the upper floor came down the stairs.  After several rounds of fierce hand-to-hand combat the team was able to eliminate the minions inside and outside the gatehouse while taking a wound and some shock markers.  The combat saw several fumbles on both sides.

Inside the middle level of the keep the team leader rushed out onto the balcony with his chainsword killing two of the three minions.  The third minion would turn out to be much tougher as poor die rolls by the commander saw the minion winning several rounds of combat before finally being dispatched.  On the lower level that team advanced through the rooms and eventually became engaged with the minions guarding the kitchen in the northwest corner of the keep.   On the upper level of the keep the team that had scaled the walls was clearing the rooms finding they were unoccupied.   The team on the middle level found more minions in the dining hall.

After clearing the keep and gatehouse the teams prepared to descend into the cellars of the castle.   They had been fortunate to acquire some aces on the previous two turns and had used them as Queens of Hearts to heal the wounds that some of the team members had received.  However, Dr. Plancktohn, Karen, the prisoner, and the three surviving minions had fled through the escape tunnel.  Overall the mission had been a failure.  While 21 of the minions had been killed, the rescuers had lost six out of 20 men and failed to free the captive.

Several pictures of the castle taken the day before the game.  The castle was constructed of cardboard and mailing tubes with paper overlays glued to the walls and floors.  Some 28mm  figures for scale.   Each floor is four inches tall.
The east side of the castle showing the gatehouse 
 An overall view of from the east.
 The south wall of the castle
 The northwest corner of the castle
 The courtyard with the balcony overlooking it on the right. and the stairway just below it.
 Lower level of the keep as one of the teams attempts to fight its way into the kitchen.  The minions have the yellow armor and the rescue teams are in blue-grey camo armor.
 Fighting inside the corner of the gatehouse.
 The team who had scaled the outer wall of the castle.  The green markers indicate figures who have completed their actions for the turn.
Clearing the middle levels of the keep..  All the round towers had stairs leading to the different levels of the castle.

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Galactic Heroes at Conquest Sacramento part two

This part is description of the second scenario followed by a brief description of the action in the game.  The scenario is an expedition to examine an ancient abandoned alien site, gather as much data and items as possible and leave in the spaceship they arrived in.   The others are teams from various star nations or corporations attempting to capture the expeditions scientists and any data or devices that are at the site.   The scientists may not be shot at, but may be captured if defeated in close combat by a shaken, wound, or out of action result.   If captured they each must be accompanied by a team member and move at crawl speed.
The scenario is designed for four to eight players and uses a six-foot round table or a five by six-foot rectangular table.   The spaceship starts at the center of one of the long edges of the rectangular table, any point on the edge of the round table.   The center of the metal disc is placed 40 inches in from the edge where the spaceship is located with the three buildings near the disc per the photos below.   The rest of the terrain is low hills and patches of wood that block sight and slow movement.

The teams are all from the supplement and have five members.   The spaceship crew uses the bounty hunter team minus the not-Jabba hero.  The spaceship crew will not leave the ship, but will defend it if it is attacked.  The two five-man guard teams for the expedition are the not-40K space marines.  One of the regular guards on one of the teams is replaced by three grunt scientists.   They have the following traits:  Smart, Slippery, and Lousy Shot and are armed with blaster pistols.   Combining Lousy Shot with the inaccuracy of the blaster pistol and the eight-sided die of a grunt results in the scientists not being able to shoot anything at long range and having a poor chance of hitting anything at long range.  The guards and the scientists start within the perimeter of the abandoned alien site.

For the round table locate the point on the edge directly across from the spaceship and place the starting point for the first two teams 15 inches from that location.   The next two teams start 30 inches from them and the last two teams are another 30 inches from the second pair of teams, placing them about 36 inches from the center of the spaceship.  On the rectangular table the first two teams will start six to twelve inches in from the corners of the opposite long edge.   The next two teams start in the middle of the two short sides.  And the last two teams start in the corners of the same edge as the spaceship. 

The six attacking teams cannot be the not-40K marines or the bounty hunters.  The first two teams are from the birdmen and ranger teams.   The last two must have armor reducing their movement to four inches be action. The other two teams can be any other team from the supplement.

In addition to the three buildings and the central disc there are two devices at the edge of the disc on the side facing the spaceship.   Each of the buildings can be searched for data and information.   On the first attempt if an easy task is passed then one data unit is retrieved.   For a medium task pass two units are retrieved and for a hard task pass three units are retrieved.   On the second attempt a medium task pass provides one unit of data and a hard task pass provides two units of data.   For the third and final attempt one unit of data is retrieved on a hard task pass.   Each unit of data is worth five points.  The two devices next to the disc are worth 50 points each and can only be removed by making a hard task pass.   Attempts can be made as many times as needed to remove them.   Once removed each must be carried by at least one team member at a crawl.   If two carry it then one inch is added to the movement rate per action.

The game started with four players and later two additional players who were passing by joined in.   The starting attackers were the birdmen equipped with jet packs, the rangers, and a regular team starting from the middle of the east edge.   The spaceship was on the south edge of the table.   The later arriving players took the two armored teams.

While the scientists were inside the buildings attempting to retrieve as much data as possible the two team leaders were trying to remove the two devices.  One of them removed a device on the first turn and the other accomplished removing the second device on turn two.  While this was happening the raiders were advancing and starting to engage the guards.  At the end of the second turn a strange humming could be heard from the disc and suddenly a group of four demonic looking creatures appeared.

Both jokers had been included in the deck as wild cards.   If  a joker was played and there were any creatures on the table they would move in a random direction determined by an arrow die or the top corner of the result of a ten sided die roll.  This movement would take place after all cards of the type that had been called had been played.   Thus if tens were called and the first joker was played as a ten once all players had finished playing their ten cards the creatures would then move.   If the second joker was played in a turn then additional creatures would appear.   The number of creatures appearing would be determined by the difference of two averaging dice, marked 2,3,3,4,4,5 or if both were the same that number of creatures would arrive.   For a regular six-sided die count one as three and six as four.

The creatures had the following characteristics:  Close combat D10 +1, Wounds 2, Wound roll +2, Move 4 per action and +3 inches per turn.  No shaken/shock effects, Leap +2 inches, no terrain penalty for movement, +1 to break down door,
To be hit shooting +1, to be hit in combat -1, to be wounded – 1, no penalty for fighting more than one opponent or not having a close combat weapon.
When the creatures were activated on the third turn two of them charged the round domes and the other two headed off to the east attacking the guards that were there.   One of the scientists was engaged by a creature after it broke down the door immediately.  He was lucky and only suffered a shaken result.   On his turn he slipped from its clutches and ran for the spaceship.  The creature was then knocked out of action by the guard in the dome.   The other guards did not fair as well.   During the course of the game one of the creatures killed two of the guards and spent a couple of turns devouring the remains of the second guard (no jokers played during those turns).  The other scientist also packed up their gear and made a run for the ship before they could be caught by any other additional creatures.  Surprisingly the scientists did not stop to relieve the team leaders of the devices as they ran for the ship.
One of the armored teams made an alliance with the birdmen who had moved to the southwest of the site.  Together they formed a firing line that kept the two guard leaders pinned down with shaken and wound results.  While they put up a tough fight the guards kept suffering casualties as additional creatures arrived.    They were eventually down to only three of the starting nine and only one made his escape to the ship abandoning the devices.   The two teams of raiders who had partnered split the devices between them.

The rangers had made it to the site and finished investigating the buildings finding a few more data units.   Except for the one creature munching on the guard all the others had been killed.  The team advancing from the east met that creature just after it finished devouring the guard  with only one team member surviving its attack by running away.   The creature then went on to attack the other arriving armored team and was finally slain. 

Final results for the game were 50 points each for the two teams with the devices,   35 for data retrieved by the expeditions scientists and 25 points for the data retrieved by the rangers.    
  End of the second turn.  Four creatures have appeared on the portal.   The guard with one of the scientists on top of the dome is actually inside.   He managed to kill two of the creatures during the first round of combat with each of them.
 One of the guards engaging the birdmen in close combat.
The two team leaders dragging the devices towards the spaceship at the bottom of the picture.  

The first part is here

Friday, March 29, 2019

Fistful of Lead: Galactic Heroes at Conquest Sacramento

The Weekend of March 22-24 was the Conquest Sacramento convention.   There were two games of Fistful of Lead:  Galactic Heroes on Saturday.   The first was the smuggler scenario from the rule book.

The rival groups were all taken from the compendium supplement.   The smugglers were the Kreng who had to deliver the contraband to the Ornks.   The Rebels were out to intercept it for their own use and the local law enforcement, Imperial Storm troopers, were out to stop everyone.  The game was played on a 4x6 foot table.

almost as soon as they got outside the port facilities the Kreng became engaged in a firefight with the rebels.   One of the Kreng climbed to the top of the second story of a space port building to get better shots at the rebels.   As the Kreng werr getting the better of the firefight, one rebel climbed to the top of the first story of the port building.   Seeing this the Kreng warrior on the second floor jumped down on him and proceeded to slice and dice the unfortunate rebel.

Meanwhile the police had advanced along the south edge of the town heading towards the spaceport and the Ornks were moving towards the center of town.   The two groups also became engaged in a long range firefight, but with little effect.   About this point the person who had signed up for the game finally arrived and took over from my friend who had volunteered to take his place until he arrived.   From this point the police became very passive hiding behind the buildings and trees in the south part of the town.

While some of the Ornks were trading shots with the police, the others were headed towards the town plaza to try and make contact with the Kreng.   The came across a couple of the rebels and engaged them with one of the Ornks killing both.   At this point the two wounded rebels who were still alive decided to retreat after loss of their leader and his second in command.

With the rebels retreating and the police in hiding, the Kreng were able to make contact with the Ornks next to the tavern and turn over the contraband.
The East Moss Landing spaceport.  the Kreng have just left their ship with the green box of contraband that they were paid to deliver to the Ornks.  
The local law enforcement arrives in the southeast corner.
The Ornks starting from the northeast corner.
The rebels in the northwest corner by the container yard.
The port of East Moss Landing viewed from the west.

The Ornks move into town.
The police advance in line abreast
Firefight between the Kreng and rebels.   One Kreng has climbed to the top of the first floor
The police take cover as they trade shots with the Ornks in the background.
Rebels hiding behind a taxi
The lead Ornk near the central plaza.  The tavern is in the lower center of the photo with a can of the local beverage next to it๐Ÿ˜
Unfortunate rebel about to be sliced into small bits by the Kreng who jumped down on him.
Another view of the police hiding amongst the trees as an Ornk advances to the small wall.
An Ornk rushes one of the police hoping to take him out.
Another Ornk slays a rebel near the plaza
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