Thursday, January 3, 2019

Projects for 2019

In no particular order I am planning on the following for 2019:

Finish Late Roman/ Byzantine army
Finish Sassanid Persian Army
Finish Warbands
Finish lace wars armies
Finish Napoleonic armies.
Purchase and paint modern engineering equipment after GHQ finishes releasing the vehicles for early this year.
Make 2mm towns and villages. (counted about 40 for one scenario)
Make some more 6mm towns, villages, and farms.
Finish painting 2mm armies.
Paint about a dozen 25mm sci-fi figures I dug out of storage.   (yes, they are actually 25mm figures from 35 years ago)
Make jungle.  Got some left over palm trees and bamboo to place on Litko hexes.
Make pine forest.   Bump chenille on Litko hexes.  

That will cover it for now.  

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Prufrock said...

Good luck with it all, Bill!