Saturday, January 12, 2019

Gladitaorial Combat.

Sorry, but no pictures.   I got to participate in a Gladiatorial contest today at the South Bay Game Club.   Scott was running the game and Andy, Charles, Dave and I were the owners of the gladiators.

Dave bought an exceptional gladiator and the rest of us bought average ones.   Dave got to roll four 3-sided dice for attribute points and the  rest of us rolled three.   Dave scored 9 with no additional modifiers and I scored 8 with a modifier of plus 1.  Charles and Andy scored less.

The first round had us paired off in individual combats.   I faced Charles and Dave faced Andy.  My first move was a cautious walk forward and to my left.   Dave charged his opponent, scored a fumble and found out his sword was defective.  Andy then struck back and also fumbled dropping his net and trident.   Eventually, Andy was able  to overcome Dave's Samnite.  Charles charged me and after a couple of rounds I defeated him seriously wounding one of his legs and giving him the nickname "Stumpy".   I also had a Samnite and Charles had a gladiator with two swords.

Andy was the victor of that round, while I placed second.  Andy, Dave, and I all earned experience points which we were able to use to attempt to increase our abilities.   I was fortunate with my die rolls raising my size to the maximum of 6 and also adding to two other traits.   The size increase was to play a major part in the following rounds.

The second round had Dave and I paired against Andy and Charles.  Again, I made a cautious move forward and left and Dave advanced forward also,  Andy advanced and attempted to net Dave's Gladiator, but ended up seeing Dave deflect the net causing it to land five spaces to the right rear of Andy's fighter due to a fumble roll by Andy.   While Andy went to retrieve his net, Charles advanced.  I charged Charles and dispatched his Gladiator with a mighty blow to his neck.  A D6 roll of 6 plus my strength of 6 saw his head severed from his body and flying across the arena.   If a hit is scored, how much damage that is done by a sword is determined by a D6 die roll plus the character's strength less any armor protection.  Dave then charged Andy causing some damage and I followed up with a charge of my own knocking Andy's Gladiator down. ending the second round. I placed first and Dave placed second.   I earned an additional five experience points  which I used to increase my sword, shield, and grappling abilities.

The final round was every man for himself.   The first turn, I again moved forward and to my left heading towards Dave's man.   Charles was to my right and Andy was at the opposite corner.   Dave charged Andy for little effect,   Charles came to Andy's aid and attacked Dave from the right flank injuring Dave's right arm and causing Dave to drop his sword.  Dave was netted by Andy and was badly wounded and out of action by the time Charles and Andy were done with him.   While they were fighting Dave and Charles both rolled fumbles.  Dave tripped over his own feet, while Charles was hung over from the night before halving his attributes for the remainder of the contest.  Meanwhile, I continued to walk towards Charles.  We engaged in a brief exchange ending the turn with minor damage to Charles guy and no effect on mine.   I did deliver a blow to his head that was deflected by his helmet.  Andy had advanced, but was not able to make an attack.

 I received an extra card for the second turn.   Anyone being dealt an ace got an extra card for their hand.  Aces are wild cards and may be played as any card during a turn.  Cards are played from King down to two.  Others got an extra card during the first two rounds.  I used my first card to move and attack Andy's gladiator.  He attempted to block my attack with his net and my sword left it in shreds and wounded his left leg.   He lunged at me with his trident piercing my shield and wounding my left arm. I followed this with another attack, but he blocked with his trident causing some damage to my sword, but fortunately not breaking it.   I blocked his next stab with my shield receiving no damage.   I attacked him again with my third card cutting through his right leg and putting him out of action.   For my final card I moved back to Charles cutting through his left leg, causing him to collapse. and ending the combat.  When a hit is scored a D10 is rolled to determine the part of the body hit.  For some reason most of my winning attacks during the contest were leg wounds.  Three of my opponents ended up missing part of a leg.

Scott said that the contest had the most fumble rolls that he had ever seen in any contest.   When fighting both players roll a D10.   A roll of a natural 1 is a fumble causing the player to roll on the fumble table with a  D20.

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