Sunday, August 20, 2017

Domain and Panthari space ships

While searching the web for a space ship model similar to the appearance of the battleship in the StarCruiser rules that I am using for the Panthari Imperium, I found the agents of gaming website.
Agents of Gaming
They carry a fairly good selection of the Babylon 5 wars ships and books.  These come in two different scales, ACTA (a call to arms) and fleet (similar in size to full thrust)..  I purchased some of the larger scale models


 This is the ACTA scale Warlock which I may use for the aliens.
This is the explorer which is close to the battleship design.

Further checking of the web located other models which I have decided to use for the Domain's starships.  These are available in a variety of sizes and prices from as low as $4.50USD each to several hundred for the very large ones (about 18 inches or more in length)
A slightly out of focus shot of a Domain fleet.  I had to drill 1/16" holes for the bases which came from Brigade Models.
Size comparison of the Agents of gaming model in front and two others.   The Agents of Gaming model is the ACTA scale.  The rotating section can be glued in any position, but does not rotate.  The larger model from in the back is designed so that the center section will rotate.   The smaller one from does not.  Pulsefired offers listings for multiple ships at a discounted price per ship.

The Agents of Gaming model is actually the Shadow version and comes with a substantial selection of spines to attach to it.   Checking for images on the web brought up several different version with a varying number of spines pointing in various directions.  These were located in the area of the engines at the back and at the forward structure of the ship.   I decided to use some of the smaller spines that came with the Shadow model to convert the larger of the other two to a shadow version.   The spines can be bent in different directions.  I added two sets of triple spines to the engine area and two doubles and two singles to the front.
 clicking on the photo will give a closer view of the models detail.

The cloth background is from JoAnn fabrics.   It can be found on their site at navy star fabric  At the time I purchased it, it was on sale at half price so I purchased enough for a six by ten foot area.  They have several other patterns including the one I have used in a previous post.

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