Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Pacificon 2016

Pacificon took place on Labor "Day weekend.   As usual there were a large variety of miniatures, board games, and role playing games.   The following photos are from the miniature gaming room showing most of the games on Saturday.   One that I missed a photo of was the Sword and the Flame game.  Where possible I have identified the game and rules.  The games I ran will be in separate posts.

 Maximillian War in Mexico
 Battle Cry Napoleonics
 Battle of Pharsalus using Scutarii
 fireball Forward WW2
 Sharp Practice
 The Alamo
 Star Wars
 Command and Colors Ancients
 WW2 Aircraft
WW2 skirmish level 
 Battle of Pensacola Colonial Period.
 Modern Armor using OPFOR
 Aspern Essling
 Pirates, Monkeys, and Monsters

 Somewhere in Baghdad
 Battle Cry ACW
 Fantasy Naval
 Infinity Electronic Miniatures Game
 Wooden Wars
 Regimental Fire and Fury
 Sci Fi
 Wooden Wars 54mm Wood Soldiers
American Civil War - From Manassas to Appomattox

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Prufrock said...

Nice photos, Bill. Looks like a good event. Really like those wooden soldiers.