Sunday, September 18, 2016

Battle of Santa Clara

Another battle in the ongoing war between the People's Democratic Republic of La Cucaracha led by El Supremo Jefe Patronis and the Confederate Union of Buena Vista ruled by President for Life Elvis Narcisso.  This took place at Pacificon and used OPFOR from Hoplite Research.

La Cucaracha fielded two brigades.  One with three T90 tank battalions, a BMP2 battalion, and a 122mm artillery battalion plus brigade assets.  The other with one T90 battalion, a BMP2 battalion, two BTR82 battalions, and a 122mm artillery along with brigade assets.

The Buena Vistans had two battle groups of one Leopard2A6 battalion, one Puma battalion, a 155mm artillery battalion, and attachments.  The Buena Vistans cross-attached companies.  One group had two battalions of two tank companies and two mechanized companies, while the other had battalions of three and one companies.

The ground scale was 1cm = 100 meters, but movement rates were kept at the full distance in the rules.   The battlefield was 24km wide by 18kmn deep.

During the opening stages of the battle the Buena Vistans quickly advanced to hold the city of Santa Clara and two other town to the north of Santa Clara.  The Buena Vista battle group on their right wing was able to rout the La Cucaracha infantry brigade, but their other battle group was driven from the city by the La Cucaracha armored brigade.  With the La Cucaracha army in control of the city and surviving Buena Vista battle group not being strong enough to retake the city victory went to La Cucaracha.

NATO equipment tends to have an advantage over WARPAC equipment due to the additional plus factors that their tanks have.   A Leopard 2A6 gets a basic +3 to its attack die and another +1 for superior weapon.  Additional plus factors for attachments can alos be gained making it very possible to double or even triple the defense die roll of Russian tanks.
view of the battlefield
 view form the other end 
 Buena Vista, on the left advances to take control of the towns and city of Santa Clara
 fighting for control of Santa Clara. La Cucaracha tank brigade below and to left of city
 La Cucaracha motorized brigade's morale collapses
 Motorized  Brigade retreats


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A great looking terrain, very impressive!