Wednesday, August 29, 2012

World War 2 skirmish game at Dan's garage

Dan found a free set of WW2 skirmish rules that he wanted to try out called Warrior WW2 tactical rules.  These use hexes for movement and a die roll to activate forces.  Each pip on the die will activate the forces in one hex.  Each infantry stand is a squad of 7-8 men.  There can be up to three infantry stands or two vehicles in a hex.   We opted to cut the ranges in half, but left the move distances as written.   John Riley commanded the Germans and I commanded the Americans with Dan acting as referee.   My die rolls were mostly 3's and 4's while John's were 1;s and 2's.  A die roll of 6 counted as 1 and the person who rolled the 6 also had to draw a random event card from the deck.  Each pip advanced the game clock one minute.  The game length was set at 90 minutes.  During play we found the mortar fire to be too effective and changed the damage zone to only one hex instead of the target hex and six surrounding hexes.  Due to my higher die rolls I was able to out maneuver John and caused his forces to take a break test for losing half his forces.  These were a fun set of rules, but need better editing.   They are best suited to a one against one game instead of multiple players per side.  The battlefield was somewhere in Normandy with the hedgerows east of the village.

 The remains of the village
 view from the German side
 American forces
American forces occupy the village.

The game mats are from Hotz artworks.   You can't see them in the photos, but they have a five inch hex grid printed on them

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