Wednesday, August 29, 2012

comparing Rapier Miniatures and Baccus ACW figures

Baccus and Rapier both make 6mm American Civil War figures.   Their prices are similar and their figures are compatible with each other.   Baccus only makes three poses for their infantry - a standing firing pose, a loading pose, and a march attack pose.  The first two are in their skirmish packs and the other is in a separate pack with command figures.   The skirmish pack includes 24 of each pose.  Rapier makes a greater variety of poses.  These are standing firing, kneeling firing, loading, march attack, advancing with rifle across body, and advancing with rifle forward.  These come one pose per pack of 24 figures.  There are three different command packs of 24 figures available.  Each contains 6 officers, 6 drummers, and 12 standard bearers.  At this point Rapier does not make any cavalry or dismounted cavalry.
 Baccus figures from four different packs
Not all strips in a pack are the same.  Some of the strips have a mix of kepi and hat.
Rapier figures with Baccus in middle.
Rapier has packs with either kepi or hat for each pose.

Casting quality is comparable.  Baccus' rifles seem to be a bit shorter than Rapier's.

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