Monday, September 3, 2012

Cedar Mountain at Pacificon September 2, 2012

I ran Cedar Mountain again at the Pacificon Convention.   Rules were From Manassas to Appomattox.  Forces were as follows with each stand representing 250 infantry, 150 cavalry, or 6 guns.  ground scale is one inch = 50 yards.

Confederate                                                  Union
Jackson                                                         Pope    
Ewell’s Division                                             First Division                                             
Early’s Brigade      SB  elite                       1st Brigade  8  elite                                                          
Forno’s Brigade    12 SB                               3rd Brigade  8                                                                 
Trimble’s Brigade   8  SB                               Second Division                                                                
Artillery 10 N                                                1st Brigade  5
Hill’s Division                                                 2nd Brigade  6                                                              
Branch’s Brigade  9  SB                                 3rd Brigade  3                                                                  
Archer’s Brigade  8  SB                                 Artillery  (10 6# 3 3 12N 12N)                                              
Thomas’s Brigade  9                                       Cavalry Brigade  6                                                             
Pender’s Brigade  8  SB  elite                                                                                              
Artillery  N 6# 
Winder’s Division                                                                                                             
Stonewall Brigade  5  elite                                                                                      
Garnett                   4                                                                                                
Taliaferro               6  SB                                                                                                      
Artillery  N 3  

Dan Rygasewicz and Ron Vaughn commanded the Union Forces.  Mike Khan and Keith commanded the Confederates.  The game started about 9:30 and all eight turns were completed by 12:30

Mike decided to move for the union left flank with Jackson commanding Thomas' and Early's Brigades while Winder's division advanced towards the Union right.  After getting close enough Jackson led the charge into the Union left flank.   The Union fire was deadly and Jackson fell from his horse mortally wounded.  Meanwhile the attack on the Union right faltered and the Confederates fled for cover of the woods to their rear.  The Union cavalry moved to their left flank and after making a mounted charge that helped to force the Confederates back would then dismount to help the Union left flank.  During the early stages of the battle the Union was causing about twice as many casualties as they received.  However, this was to change as the Confederates brought their superiority in numbers to bear on the Union left.  A. P. Hill had arrived and both his and Winder's divisions advanced against the Union center and left.  The Union forces were able to repulse their attacks, but their left flank collapsed and as the sun set chose to withdraw from the battlefield.   

Final losses were 4000 for the Union and 5000 for the Confederates along with Jackson.   Though they had claimed the battlefield the Union side won on points.   Note that not all losses are dead and wounded.  about half to two-thirds would be stragglers helping wounded comrades to the field hospital.

Figures are a mix of Heroics and Ros, Rapier and Baccus 6mm figures.  Trees are from Everest Models an Ebay retailer.  Buildings are from the Paperterrain North Russian Village  set.  Even though I use 6mm figures the rules can be used with figures of any scale.   Dan has purchased some 54mm figures and we may use them in a future game.

 Jackson leads Thomas and Early against the Union left
 Jackson falls as Confederates attack.  The initial Confederate attack was inconclusive leaving both sides engaged in melee.   The Union cavalry brigade would launch a successful mounted charge against the exposed end of the Confederate line.
 6:00 P.M. A. P. Hill's division has arrived and forms up to attack the Union lines.  Winder's division has fallen back into the woods.
 Confederates regroup before continuing assault on Union line.  Union will move the brigade in rear to fill the gap in their line.
 As their left flank crumbles Union begins withdrawing.
8:30 P.M.  Union army continues to fall back.  End of battle



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