Monday, October 12, 2009

Projects completed

The following photos were taken with indoor lighting that I should have adjusted for. The background is actually white so there is a bit of color shift. These are 25/28mm figures that I have painted this year.

Three units of archers filling in as Bossonian archers for Aquilonia.

Two more units of archers.



The following figures will be used in the club game on Halloween day.

Iranistan regular cavlary.

Iranistan regular heavy infantry.

Irregular infantry in Iranistan employ.

Irregular cavalry in Iranistan employ

Iranistan regular light infantry


Bluebear Jeff said...


I really like your palette of colors for the clothing of these figures. They look like natural vegetable dye colors . . . not overly bright (like mine). They look very "real".

-- Jeff

William Butler said...

Thanks, Jeff. I used vallejo paints and followed what is known of late Roman uniform colors for the Iranistan regular heavy infantry and cavalry.

Sgt. Slag said...

Love the cardstock shields! Fantastic technique. At arm's length, I doubt I could tell how you did them. Will be looking into this approach in the future. Brilliant! Cheers!