Friday, October 9, 2009

Governor's Palace, Sushan Province, Iranistan

"How will Governor Mondyar react to the news", was all the aide could think of as he hurried down the hall to the governor's office. Arriving at the door, he gave it a hurried knock.
"Enter", came the reply.
"Your excellency, I have dreadful news. Another village has been attacked and this time the Drujistan invaders have suceeded in destroying the village and a sacred temple"
"This is too much. Twice before our army has driven them off before they could cause much damage. Tell the Strategos that he is to assemble as many troops as possible and prepare them to attack Drujistan by the end of this month!"
"Yes, your excellency"

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Raymond Jackson said...


It is "Trick or Treat" Time. Our Homeland expects that every man will do his duty.

The Creator of the Universe is Great.

Mondyar Ovhanesbar
Governor of Sushan