Saturday, October 17, 2009

Council chanber, Governor's Palace, Sushan Province, Iranistan

"Strategos Herodotos, what forces do we have available for the Drujistan expedition?"

"We have 6000 regular cavalry, 3000 barbarian cavalry, 6000 heavy infantry, 2000 light infantry, 3000 barbarian infantry, and 10 elephants, Excellency", came the reply. "We will have to leave some troops to guard the province, but most can be taken with us."

"Good. What are your recommendations as to which troops we should take?"

"We should leave 1000 of the regular cavalry and 2000 of the barbarian horse. That will be enough to maintain order and patrols while the main army advances on Drujistan. The territory we are invading is hilly and mountainous and infantry would serve us better. The elephants may also help as they have only recently arrived from the capital city of Anshan and the invaders have not seen them before."

"That will be fine.", Governor Mondyar replied. "Do we have any information on the enemy's territory?"

"Very little your Excellency. Mostly tales of demons, though none have been seen. Just strange howling noises. There are stories of a lost city named Yanaidar somewhere in the mountains. Our agents believe that the Yezemite cult may be located there. Their assassins have been responsible for the deaths of several important people. There is an old road that leads into the mountains that would probably be the best route to take. One of our scribes did locate an old map that indicates that the road would lead to that city. If the map is correct it will take about a weeks march from here to reach it."

"Then it will be best that we follow that road. As for the demons, we will bring some priests with us. The creatures that attacked our villages were ugly apelike things, but definitely not demons. They need to be punished for their destruction of the water god's temple and eliminating the Yezemites would also be good. Have the army prepared to march seven days from now. The end of the month will also see the end of our enemies."

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