Friday, September 6, 2019

Franco-Prussian War Project Part 4

Completed the French Imperial Guard, all the foot chasseur battalions and the artillery.   This was 72 cavalry, 380  infantry, five artillery pieces, 2 miraellueses, and 33 gunners for the guard.  112 chasseurs, 30 guns and 10 mitrrailleuses, and 188 gunners for the line.

I still have about 1000 French infantry, along with the French line cavalry, and wagons to finish.  The French cavalry takes longer to paint than the Germans due to additional colors and items to paint along with reversed colors for the musicians.

The photo below is the guard and chasseur battalions.   Voltigeur division at the top, Grenadier and Zouave division next, and the cavalry division at the bottom.  The chasseurs are at the top right and the guard corps artillery reserve is below.

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