Sunday, August 5, 2018

The Leipzig Project Part Two

Following on from the previous post, here are the other armies that were present at Leipzig.   The French army is organized into a Guard Cavalry Corps, Guard Artillery, Old Guard Infantry Corps, two Young Guard Infantry Corps, five Cavalry Corps, and twelve Infantry Corps.   This is more than was present at Leipzig, but since I had so many extra figures, I added the missing corps that were in other areas.
The French Guard
French Generals to left, infantry to right.   I need to paint some additional generals
French artillery.  I found enough painted guns in the spares to make all units.  Next will be painting the gunners for them
French line cavalry   Gap in the left center is for missing units.
Close up of the Carabiniers.   There were two regiments, but only about 500 total between the two at Waterloo and Leipzig.  I may paint some more to make a full unit of them.
 The Swedish army,   Four infantry units, two cavalry units, and two artillery units.

The Russian army has been organized into twelve commands.   At this point most Russian infantry divisions were very understrength.   Often two infantry corps were combined under a Wing Commander.
 The Tsar was present at Leipzig and is represented at the front left,  Russian army commander to his right,  other generals behind them, and artillery to the rear.

Russian Guard cavalry in center, Cossacks to right and rear.

Russian line cavalry

Russian infantry.

The next step is to finish  one army at a time, by painting the figure bases to match the mat board, then painting and adding any additional figures, followed by flocking the bases.  

The scale ratio for the troops is about 1:100 for infantry, 1:50 for cavalry, and 1:24 for guns.

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