Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Trading and games

A few months ago one of the club members asked about buying a board game I had.  Unfortunately, I could not sell it at a price that was cheap enough for him to purchase.  He has a 3d printer and wanted to know if he could trade printed items for the game.  I thought about it and found a file on line for printing ancient galleys.   this could be sized to fit the various classes of ancient galleys, most of which varied in length from 120 feet to 140 feet.   The file included masts with sails, oars, towers, etc.   We left off the masts and oars as masts were taken down prior to combat and the oars would show up in the top down images that I would mount the ships on.   We put two towers on the larger ships and one on the hexares.   I traded the board game to him for about 600 ships.
Pictured above from left to right 1/1200 metal ships, two 30mm printed ships without towers, a 30mm printed ship with one tower, two 35mm ships with two towers, and one 40mm ship with two towers.  30mm equals about 120 feet which is one of the more common galley sizes.  35mm is about 140 feet which is another common galley size.   40mm is about 160 feet.   There are records of larger sizes, but those are not mentioned in any of the battles and may have been built for prestige only.

Side view of the ships.   The towers have had the top part trimmed off, because they looked too tall with it.  As can be seen ships can be printed with no towers, one tower, or two towers.   The single tower can be in front or back.  Now to add some color to the towers and if I feel ambitious enough, eyes to the front of the ships.  

This left me with all the 2.5D ships that I had made.   Fortunately one of the members of South Bay Game Club was running a Spanish Armada game at the meeting this past weekend.  He was using the paper ships from the Helion publication so I game them to him and he gave me an extra copy of the Armada book in exchange.

All three of us ended up with something we wanted and saved money if we had to purchase the items we got from other sources.   The following are pictures of the various games being run at the South Bay Game Club this past weekend
 PT boat game being set up
Monthly planes on sticks game
 The Spanish fleet at anchor viewed from the edge they needed to escape by.
 Trench warfare skirmish game
 The English fleet arrives behind its fire ships
 The English manage to get amongst the Spanish ships.   The English moved twice as fast as the Spanish and were more maneuverable.   Almost all of the Spanish were able to raise their anchors before the English reached them.   Bill and I managed to sink 38 of them, but they got 50 off the table without their anchors cut for the victory.
General d'Brigade game


Prufrock said...

Great to hear everyone got something they wanted and saved some money. Always good when that happens!

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