Sunday, April 27, 2014

Peanut Wars at Game Kastle Fremont

This past weekend Dan Rygasewicz ran a mini convention at the Game Kastle in Fremont.   Games were limited to 10mm or smaller scale figures.  A complete listing of games is as follows

Saturday April 26th
Tiny Drome. WW 2 Air Game
Scutari. Ancients 
Pz8. Age of Sail. 1805 Sailing Ship Combat 
Panzer Korp. WW 2 Land Combat 
5150 Battalion Commander
From Manassas to Appomattox ACW Combat 
Zulu Colonial Game 

Ridiculous Vanity  Battle Lille.

Sunday April 27th
Pz8 Coastal Warfare 
Cold War Commander Modern WW 2 Land Combat 
Starship Sci-Fi space ship combat 
Boot Hill TSR old west combat 
Star Trek Attack Wing. 
 Drop Zone Commander pt 1
Hail of Fire. WW 2 land combat 
Pz8 Air rules. Mediterranean
Drop Zone Commander pt 2
 Trafalger  The British lost this time
 PanzerKorps Germans halted Russian advance
 Tinydrome  apartment sized air combat.

I will have separate postings for my Ancients and American Civil War games.

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