Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pike Phalanx

Well i finally purchased a digital camera and i am learning how to use it. i would have uploaded more images of my troops, but the others were too blurred to use. As it is the cataphracts are rather blurred. Pictures of the Iranistan army will be posted later when i take better pictures of the troops. The two pictures above are from my Seleucid army. The top is some of the cataphracts and the bottom is most of the phalanx. There are just over 1000 pikemen in the picture. One of the formations is partly cut off on the left side of the picture. They are arrayed in a formation 8 figures deep by 160 wide. Almost all of the figures are by Heroics and Ros with one unit of Irregular Miniatures. Some Baccus and Rapier Miniatures phalangites are in the process of being painted. The front half of the formation is based for warmaster ancients and are the most recent addition to my pike armies, while the back half is mounted on double wide by double depth dbx bases for ease of maneuver. The pictures were taken on one of Hotz' felt game mats. One side is printed with hexes while the other side is blank. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and grid patterns. More information about them can be found at: Hotz is one-half of the Larry Leadhead team. He also makes a line of 1:300 ancient galleys and buildings.

Other ancient armies that i have are:
Early Imperial Roman
Republican Roman
Late Imperial Roman/Early Byzantine (these will be used for the Iranistan army along with some elephants)
Hoplite Greek
Various Pike armies
Classical Indian
Sassanid Persian
New Kingdom Egyptian
Generic Mounted Barbarians (Sarmatians, Huns, etc.)
Generic Foot Barbarian (Gauls, Britons, etc.)
Along with some 6mm fantasy from Irregular - orcs, dwarfs, and others.

For Iranistan i will be using the Vis Magica army list
which is very close to what i had envisioned for Iranistan.

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tradgardmastare said...

great to see your figs - keep up the good work!