Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Clove-Hamhock prepares for war

Several regiments of the army of Clove-Hamhock form for review. The new recruits have completed their training and are almost ready for the upcoming spring campaign season. Battalion guns will be issued shortly along with regimental colors. The figures are from Heroics and Ros/Navwar 7 Years War and Marlborough ranges. They are based for Volley and Bayonet.


MurdocK said...

cool, so Volley and Bayonet is your preferred system?

If so why?

Frankfurter said...

what scale?

Frankfurter said...

Clove Hamhock seems like a natural ally for Frankszonia ... after all, we could share basic resources and form a co-operative pool for buying the spices we both need ...

L'Comte d'Beauphaup for
Hurtshog Stanken Fahrtz von Frankfurter

Bluebear Jeff said...

Arthur, he said Heroics & Ros . . . so I presume that these are 6mm troops (well, 5mm or 6mm, the little guys anyway).

And, to me 36 regiments counts as considerably more than "several".

Very impressive!

-- Jeff

abdul666 said...

Really an impressive array!

I know of the hard pressures and restrictions of the 'Real World™', but we should really enjoy to learn more about your regiments, their unifoms (I doubt 6mm does full justice to your designs), even their individual records if you are the type to bother with that aspect of game campaigns...

Thanks and compliments

William Butler said...

in response to a number of questions that were asked:
the scale of the figures is 1:300 about 5 to 6mm.
although the figures are based for volley and bayonet and normally
would count as 36 regiments in the games normal scale. for the "big
Battalions" and EvE(ee-vee-ee sounds like something Rachel Ray would
say on her cooking show :D) they would only be 9 battalions.
i have gamed with a number of different rule sets, but decided on
volley and bayonet due to ease and speed of play.
i will be working on regimental histories, etc.

Frankfurter said...

Central Germany?
Somewhere between Thuringer Wald and Germania?

abdul666 said...

A very impressive array: eagerly waiting for a closer look to the uniforms.
Don't know if the 'trick' of printing flags works well in that scale?
Yet... NO cavalry? OK, they need more time than their foot brothers to be trained / painted.


Auston Jeff Butler said...

A large and impressive army!