Monday, October 21, 2019

Franco-Prussian game at South Bay Game Club

We played a fictional encounter between a four infantry division French Corps against a Prussian and a Bavarian corps  using the 1871 rules by Bruce Weigel.   The French were the victors.   The scenario needs to be better balanced due to the lower morale of the Bavarians.   Either the Bavarian corps should be replaced with another Prussian corps or if they are used the Prussian corps should be the Prussian guard corps.   The French a total of six Turco and Zouave regiments which are higher rated morale than French and Prussian line regiments.  Chris provided the Baccus 6mm troops for the game.  I provided the scenery.  
 View from the south.   French advancing on a broad front. 
 View from the north.  French left flank engages Bavarians. 

 French road column advancing. 
 Prussians take up positions in town at top of picture. 
 Prussian cavalry regiment guards ford in center of picture. 
 Prussian columns advancing. 
 French and Bavarians engage.  French cavalry division at top defeats Bavarian cavalry. 
 French regroup and consolidate their position. 
 Prussians marching along the road. 
 French (on the left) are slowly pushing back the Prussians.  
 French (on the right) continue to wear down the Bavarians. 
 French attempt to storm the hill and will be driven back.   
 Prussians under pressure on their right and left.

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