Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Nine Month Review of 2018 Projects

Back in January I posted a list of projects for this year.   The following is a copy of that posting and the status of those projects.

Projects for 2018

Time to set some goals for the coming year.  In no particular order I hope to accomplish the following items for the coming year:

Finish painting and basing 18th century armies (Duchy of Clove-Hamhock and Principality of Turanschlag).  I will need to purchase some additional Hussars and maybe some grenadiers and heavy cavalry from Heroics and Ros.   Got some new figures from a friend.  Partway done.   

Expand Franco-Prussian War armies.  Need quite a few additional figures from Heroics and Ros.  Fortunately they are easy to paint.  Changed to 2mm scale.   Being 3d printed over several months by fellow club member
Finish painting and basing additions to American Civil War armies.   Also print flags for them.  Almost finished painting them.  One of six unfinished items from last year.  Infantry finished

Finish painting and basing the Carthaginian figures I was given.  Not started

Finish painting and basing the barbarian infantry additions.   Not started

Finish painting and basing the early Byzantine cavalry,   Not started

Finish painting and basing the Sassanian cavalry.    Not started

Finish painting space ships.  About a dozen to paint.  Less than half a dozen to go.

Flock bases for Napoleonic armies along with any repairs that need to be done.  Most boring project.  Repairs part way completed.   Need to paint some additional figures and purchase a few more along with the 18th century figures from Heroics and Ros

Place a special order with GHQ for a couple of replacement tank gun barrels, a 5cm AT gun and crew, and a 7.5cm AT gun and crew for WW2 Germans.  WW2 done except for those items.  Done

Add helicopters to the two fictitious modern countries (The Peoples Democratic Republic of La Cucaracha and the Federal Union of Buena Vista). Already ordered and on their way.  Done

Choose a set of ancient naval rules for large fleet actions along with printing and basing ancient fleets.   Might be the most time consuming project when cutting and gluing them.  Done

At this point it looks like the ancients projects will not be started until next year.   Several additional projects happened during the year.    These include additional buildings, age of sail ships, and some additional spaceships added and painted.   Additional modern vehicles and infantry were painted and based.   Sci-Fi future tanks and IFVs.   Found that I will be needing some additional American and Russian WW2 tanks.   

Except for additional items to be purchased from Heroics and Ros, I hope to complete the ACW, 18th Century, and Napoleonics by the end of this year.  The modern forces are completed except for some new engineering vehicles that GHQ will be releasing next year.   

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