Wednesday, September 12, 2018

2mm Franco Prussian War

I started painting the 2mm figures that my friend Gary is 3d printing for me.  I still have some way to go before I finish painting the first batch.   As an experiment I used a Paint Shop Pro to reduce an image of the Prussian battle flag to fit on the flags of one of the infantry strips.

After priming the strip with grey spray primer, I painted the ground around the base with camo green to match the artist mat board that I will be using for a base.  Next I painted the top part of the figures Prussian blue.   I could have added black to the top of the figures, but decided that the Prussian blue was dark enough for the helmets.   I did not try to paint the faces.   The last color was equine white for the flags followed by gluing the reduced battle flag to the figure strip.  I took the picture with my cell phone and it is a bit out of focus.  Next time I will use my camera's macro setting with better lighting for a clearer picture.

The Prussian battle flag is white with an eagle in the center.   From what I have read the Prussian infantry did not carry their flags into battle, but that is the way the figure strip is.   The two images below are the original image and the reduced image.   The original is actually 0.9 inches tall while the reduced image is 0.135 inches tall.   As can be seen the graphics program will keep the same amount of detail and resolution when reducing an image if the dots per inch is proportionally increased.  The only other limitation is the maximum dots per inch that the printer can produce.   Most current household printers can print high resolution photographs or other images.


Prufrock said...

Good luck, Bill! Too small for my poor eyes, I’m afraid!

William Butler said...

The main difficulty is painting all the buttons &~P