Thursday, April 26, 2018

Industrial Park

Finished assembling a set of industrial buildings and a factory from IliadaGameStudio    Most paper buildings are usually residential structures or churches.  Modern industrial buildings are rare.   I added a residential house from one of the other sets to the factory to make an office annex. 

The industrial set includes a page of pavement.   I printed that on paper and cut sections from it for parking areas and driveways.   Thanks to the texturing of the pavement the seams where the sections are joined on the modular sections are almost invisible.  I used white glue to adhere the pavement to the mat board and glue the buildings in place.  In a couple of places this caused a few stains that added  the effect of oil stains from vehicles.

In addition to the three round tanks, three rectangular buildings, and two Quonset huts the industrial set also includes nine 40 foot containers one of which is the red one at the center right.  There are two additional structures that can be added as desired on the building at the top right.

The buildings are on modular sections that can be arranged in various ways.


Prufrock said...

Looks good, Bill!

William Butler said...

Thanks, Aaron. He just released a set of futuristic science fiction buildings.

William Butler said...

The futuristic buildings are under a different company name