Monday, November 13, 2017

When Worlds Collide

There are quite a  few pages on Shapeways that have planet and sun models.   Some can be quite expensive.   3Danime and LittlePlanetFactory make them in various sizes and prices.  There is another page that has fictional terrestrial planets..   The following picture has the ones that I purchased.
From left to right and front to back.   Terrestrial world, gas ball or ocean world, striped gas ball, what is supposed to be the sun, but is actually more red than the picture shows and would pass as a red dwarf, an arid planet, and a dead planet.  These are all about one inch or less in diameter.  I plan to get a four inch diameter plastic or foam ball from an arts and craft store to make the correct size model of our sun which is just over four light seconds in diameter.

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