Sunday, April 30, 2017

Ranks of Bronze

Started project to do the battle of Chaeronea 338 B.C.  The order of battle is based on the information in the chapter on the battle in "Lost Battles" by Phil Sabin.  This gives the Greeks 35,000 infantry and 2000 cavalry.   Of the infantry 31,000 are hoplites and the rest are light troops.  I still need to obtain enough hoplite figures to cover the missing 1500.   The figures in the photos are a mix of mostly 6mm Rapier and some Baccus.  The Rapier figures are mostly the Hypaspist figure and citizen infantry from their Carthage range.
 1888 hoplites only 96 more to go.
 Some of the Rapier figures had missing or miscast shields.  I found several images of hoplite shields online and used program called paintshop pro to reduce them.   This program allows the level of detail to remain the same by increasing the dots per inch when reducing an image.   So an image that has 90 dots per inch that is reduced to one-eighth of its original size would have 720 dots per inch.
 The shields were printed on heavy cardstock, cutout carefully with a pair of scissors and white glue was used to attach them to the painted figures.  There were about 80+ figures that needed shields replaced.  Some of them had been replaced a while back.  See hoplite shields
 Greek light cavalry
Greek heavy cavalry, light in the back.   The cavalry is mostly Baccus with some Rapier.


Ann said...

That's a lot of miniatures! I ran across your blog when I was poking around looking at Roman stuff. This is Ann of I Slew Alexander the Great fame (a couple of years ago now). :)

I hope you are doing well.

-- Ann

William Butler said...

Hi Ann. It is good to hear from you again. I hope all is well with you and your family.

Ann said...

Thank you, Bill, and I hope things are good with you and your family as well. :)