Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Akamar Herald Messages from the Participants

This issue should have been posted prior to the two battle reports.   The messages are from Mike and Ray respectively. 




There has been much strife in this fine land since I was deposed by the Confederation.  The Alliance has given me an opportunity to regain the throne.  I and your Aquilian armies have fought well to defeat the Confederation forces and drive them from our land. Today, I offer you a chance to once again become as one.

Look before you.  The grand Aquilian Air Corps and the Veteran troops of SNISS are fresh from victory over the Confederation.  They are brave soldiers, fierce and efficient in the execution of War, but more than that, they are Aquilians.  We do not savor spilling Aquilian blood. 

I offer you this chance to lay down your arms and go home to your families.  Together we can make Aquila great again.  If you persist, make no mistake, you will end your time on this earth here today in the fields before you and your families will know for all time that you died not for your country, but against it, at the hands of your own Aquilian Brothers.    

Czar Ferdinand

THE PROGRESSIVE MANIFESTO BY T. R.  OTSKY (Theodore Roosevelt Otsky), Facilitator General (Morale, Recruiting and Supplies) of the Aquilan Citizens Freedom Army

Citizen Soldiers of Aquila,

The letter (titled One More Chance) from Ferdinand the technical ruler of Aquila, is but another example of how this good natured but naive man can be manipulated. Before the invasions, Ferdinand was really the puppet of a Consortium of Bankers, Merchants and Nobles. (Still, things were bearable then!) Then the so-called Confederation decided we needed "protection" because Aquila was disarmed and so they occupied us. Ferdinand collaborated with the Confederation. (He was never deposed!) Next the Alliance defeated the Confederation supposedly to liberate Aquila, but instead of waging a guerrilla war, Ferdianand caved in and became the Alliance's puppet. (Paper Proof of this is that he signed himself as Czar Ferdinand---as you know in Aquilan the title is Tsar and phonetically pronounced as "ts" not "z'') The Sniss are mostly foreigners and the Aquilan Air Corps puppets of the Alliance. (The Air Corps had been disbanded before and was reactivated by the Alliance which had many of them hiding in their lands before the takeover.)

So Colleagues, don't be fooled by the Puppet's propaganda paper. Stay loyal to the ideas of Virtue, Empowerment, Liberty and Actualization not only for Aquila but for all of VELA. Citizens of Aquila unite you have nothing to lose but your yokes! (Signed) T. R.  Otsky

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