Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pharsalus Round One

Returned home from Conquest Sacramento where I ran Pharsalus today.   The convention was in a new location this year.   Attendance appeared to be down from the past year.   A lot of board and some role playing games, but only five historical miniature games, including the two that I ran, on Sunday.   I will have to check the program to see how many there were on Friday and Saturday.  The second game I ran was Callinicum.

There were four participants for Pharsalus.   All of them had not previously played Scutarii.   All the participants received a tee shirt to commemorate the event.  Dominick and David commanded Pompey's army while Pierre and Reese commanded Caesar's army.
From left to right:  Dominick, David, myself, Reese, Pierre.
Initial deployment from behind Caesar's line.  There are about 2000 figures on each side.

View from Pompey/s side.  Pompey's cavalry greatly  outnumbers Caesar's which represent only 1000 cavalry and an equal number of infantry Caesar attached to them.

Behind Pompey's legions.

Behind Caesars legions.

Fighting on the Cavalry wing of the battlefield.   The legions are starting to engage.   The cohorts sent by Caesar to help the cavalry were sent too early so engaged Pompey's cavalry from the front instead of catching them in the flank. 

Both armies fully engaged.

As the fighting intensified more units became shaken or fatigued.  Both sides rotated fresh units into the combat.

End of the battle.   Caesar's legions are breaking after several cohorts are shattered in combat.  Victory to Pompey.

The game lasted about three hours in both game and actual time.  It was a close fought battle where the result could have matched the historical outcome.  I will post a more detailed account along with additional pictures after next weekend's game at the South Bay Game Club and compare the two games.

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Prufrock said...

Sounds like a very similar result to ours, Bill. Great looking game!