Sunday, October 11, 2015

South Bay Game Club Meeting October 10th

There were quite a few games to choose from at the October meeting.   Cuthulu Wars, Hott, Skies the Limit (Korean War air), Samurai battle using Tactica, Napoleonic Naval using modified Blood Bilge and Iron Balls, and American Civil War using Rank and File.

I didn't get much of a chance to observe the other games as I was participating in the Napoleonic navel game.   After the Hott game ended the players joined in a second game of Cuthulu Wars.   After the naval game was over I did get a chance to observe the ACW, Samurai, and air war games.  The ACW game had a crowded battlefield and looked like it would not come to a resolution by the end of the day.   The air war game had a bout a dozen planes in the air, but also appeared to not being resolved.   The Samurai game was reaching a conclusion with heavy casualties on both sides.

The naval game had been an intense affair with the luck of the activation draw going both ways.   There were four 74's on both sides with the names of the ships being chosen by the players.   Three of the French ships were Bon Ami, Bon Jovi, and Le Target (French commander).   The British were HMS Wanker (commander's ship). HMS Incontinent, HMS Inglorious, and HMS Albion. 

The British fleet was able to gain the wind advantage as both fleets approached each other.   HMS Wanker and HMS Incontinent were able to cause some serious damage to Le Target with one of the hits caused by HMS Wanker causing an explosion and starting several fires.    Le Target was to spend most of the rest of the battle putting out fires  and trying to repair other damage as the British fleet poured additional fire into her.

About two turns prior to the end of the battle the British commander and I were discussing withdrawing from the fight as his ship had taken a serious pounding losing two masts, most of the hull, and half of one broadside.   The Albion had also lost its starboard broadside and the Inglorious had also been damaged.   The Incontinent had also been damaged, but had been able to affect repairs and was only suffering loss of part of its crew.   The French fleet was in better shape with only Le Target in serious trouble and a second ship having lost most of its masts..   Then our luck changed.  Inglorious was able to score 7 of 7 hits at long range.   Combined with additional hits from Wanker and Incontinent caused the second French ship which had lost two masts to lose its last mast and its entire starboard battery.   Albion was able to come about and bring its port battery to bear on Bon Jovi.   With additional damage inflicted by the other British ships, Bon Jovi struck.  Only Bon Ami was unscathed while the other two French ships were adrift.   Except for the HMS Wanker, which had lost two of its masts, the British fleet was still able to maneuver and would have overpowered the Bon Ami and been able to finish off the drifters.  Victory went to the British.   Several of the participants had to leave at this point, so we decided to take a break and get something to eat from one of the local places before returning to the meeting.

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