Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Western Front Game Convention

This past weekend Randy's House of Games in Sacramento California hosted the Western Front Game Convention.  The event had a wide variety of miniature and board games.    The following are several pictures of the Gaming area in the back of the store.

Next are some pictures of the various games on Saturday.

The Battle of Marathon using Scutarii.  Persians on left Greeks on right.
 The DBA tournament
 Battle of Kursk using Blitzkrieg Commander.
 Treadheads, a tank skirmish game
 Cedar Mountain, a boardgame designed and published by a local Sacramento Gamer.
 Playtest of upcoming Jutland board game.
 Battle of Zama using Command and Colors.
 Another view of Kursk later in the day.
Battle of Callinicum using Scutarii.  Persian commanders discuss strategy.

I will provide more detailed accounts of Marathon and Calllinicum in later posts.

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