Sunday, May 24, 2015

Converting Hellenistic Generals

While the four main 6mm miniatures manufacturers make Greek generals, none of the mounted generals are armed with the Xyston as used by Alexander the Great, his successors, or other Hellenistic generals.  The Greek general pack from Baccus includes nine mounted generals and eight foot figures.  The foot figures are fine for hoplite armies, but the mounted figures are either armed with swords or pointing.  Baccus has also released a pack of Prodomoi for their successor range which are dynamically posed.

In order to create generals armed with Xystons some conversion work was needed.  The first picture shows the Prodomoi strip at the top and the generals at the bottom.   The tool I used to swap heads from the middle general figure to the last prodomoi figure is a rail cutter from a model railroad supplier.  This tool is designed to create a flat cut on one side instead of an angled cut on both sides.  This allows the head to be joined to the body with a smooth flat surface for both the head and body making a stronger join using super glue.

Figures and cutting tool
Converted figure on the left.

I also had a Baccus companion cavalry figure that had broken at the legs.  I cut the xyston off and glued it to the pointing figure of the general strip.   Using some scrap pieces I added the rear part of the xyston to the figure and also to the middle figure keeping the sword as the front part of the xyston.  The position of the rear general's arm and sword prevents it from being converted without repositioning it.   Checking the Baccus catalog I also noticed that the Italian infantry and cavalry had feathered helmets that might be used for additional conversions and have ordered them.  It will be a few weeks before they arrive.  The Italians will also be useful for Pyrrhus Italian allies.

Now it is time to finish painting the generals.
A later follow up to this can be seen at part two
The other conversions.

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