Thursday, November 27, 2014

November South Bay Game Club Meeting

Instead of running a game at the November club meeting I decided to participate in Bob Berman's Indian Mutiny Game.  There were two other games at the club meeting.  These were Lepanto, and a horse and musket game.  All the participants in the Indian Mutiny game play on the British side.  The mutineers have automatic movement when randomly activated.   The British players have action chits that they may play at any time during a mutineer activation to either move, fire, reload, or recover wounded.  The British players had two commands each.   A command consists of two 10 figure infantry companies representing 100 men each, a command figure, and an artillery piece representing a two gun section.  Mutineer units are 20 figures representing 400 men units.  Objectives are the well supplying water for the defenders and the women and children hiding in the white building near the well with my troops on top of it.

 Setting up the game.  Ann in the back and Jim on the left.  My forces are in the foreground and the dark building.
 The battle begins
 The mutineers gain a foothold in Jim's secotr
 My men have fallen back from the corner, but would continue to throw any mutineers back over the wall who crossed.
 Ann's Gurkhas are forced back from the wall and into the dark building.
 Jim's and Ann's commands are forced back to the inner wall
 Lepanto playtest of Thomas Foss' rules
 Neil's French and Indian War game
 Desperate fighting at the building.   The Mutineers were able to force their way into the building.  My men in the building had moved to the rooftop.
We were able to hold out in the inner defenses until the end of the game.  Jim had accumulated a bunch of activations and was able to fire, reload, fire, reload, and fire again decimating the mutineers in front of him.  While the dark building was contested we had held the rest and protected the well.
Harry Flashman and Gunga Din made guest appearances during the game.  Gunga Din helped a group of sunstroke victims recover while Flashman encouraged the Highlanders to fall back to the inner defenses.


Phil said...

Great looking pictures, beautiful table!

Prufrock said...

Sounds like a great day, Bill. All the best to you for 2015!