Monday, September 1, 2014


As usual, Pacificon had a wide variety of games.  Role playing, boardgames, miniatures, etc.   It looked like there were fewer dealers than at Kublacon.    The following pictures are from the various games and dealer area in the main ball room at the hotel.   The role playing games were in another section of the hotel.

 The dealer area
 Nick Sterns huge 54mm game
 Memoir 44 Normandy invasion
 Aircraft take to the skies
 WW1 action

 The other airplane combat
 Pirates! game
 Sci-Fi combat
 Board game area
 another view of the Pirates! game
ww2 action setting up
 Pirates!  game master in costume
 Steve Montgomery's ww2 infantry skirmish game
 The large Memoir44 Normandy game

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