Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Raphia project part 4

After a few weeks off from painting I finished the phalangites for Raphia plus a few extra for spares.   Raphia will be run at conventions later this year using Scutarii.  The following pictures are of all the phalangites for both sides in a formation 16 figures deep by 256 wide.   This formation of 4096 men was known as a phalangarchia.  All the figures are from Rapier miniatures.   The back ranks are the phalangites with the vertical pikes and are a mix of Mac002 and Sel002.  The others are a mix of Mac001 and Sel001 with pikes at a 45 degree angle.



CelticCurmudgeon said...

You have redefined the words "bloody awesome!"
A/K/A The celtic Curmudgeon

Phil C said...

I concur, "bloodly Awesome" an amazing view of a mass formation - A job well here Thanks for sharing - Excellent work!