Friday, February 14, 2014

Raphaia Project part 2

Having established the troop types and numbers the next part is to determine how many figures are needed.

The 175 elephants fielded by both sides would be either 36 units or 43 units depending on whether each unit represents 4 or 5 elephants.   With the elephants that I got in trade a while back there are enough to field 43 units.

The total cavalry is 11,000, mostly lance armed heavy cavalry.  At four, six-figure bases per 1000 that will be 264 figures.  No additional figures needed.

The only light infantry skirmishers would be included with the elephants.

There are 10,000 Asiatic infantry and 10,000 Arab infantry.  The Achaemenid Persian infantry that I have could fill in for these.  at 24 figures per thousand that would be 480 figures.  No additional figures needed.

There are 6000 Thracians and Galatians in Ptolemy's army and 2000 Thracians and others on the Seleucid side.   At 24 figures per 1000 that would be 192 figures which can be represented by the warband infantry that I have.  No additional figures needed.

That leaves a total of 96,000 pike armed infantry.   Of these, the 20,000 Egyptians would be represented by Rapier Miniatures phalangites with the pike in the vertical position.   At 48 figures per 1000 (figures are mounted 8 wide by 3 deep on a 40mm wide base) that would be 960 figures.

The rest would be represented by Rapier's phalangites with the pike at a 45 degree angle.  At 40 per 1000 (figures are mounted on a mixture of bases that are 5 deep by 8 wide for every two bases), that would be 3040 figures. 

This would require purchasing an additional 696 vertical and 1600 other phalangites and several weekends of painting.

Total numbers of figures:  43 elephants plus some light infantry escorts, 264 cavalry, 4000 phalangites, and 672 other infantry.   Grand total approximately 5000 figures.  About 600 more figures than used for the battle of Asculum earlier this year.

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