Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eastern Front using Blitzkrieg Commander

Had a game at Dan's house recently.   Dan and Jim commanded the Germans while I commanded the Russians.  The German forces were two infantry battalions supported by a company of Tiger tanks.   The Russians had an infantry regiment with three understrength infantry battalions and a Tank brigade with two battalions of T34/76 tanks, a battalion of T70 tanks and an understrength battalion of tank riders.   Forces were selected by randomly drawing from previously made battle groups.

The Germans were defending with a battalion of 5 infantry, 5 machine gun teams, and supporting mortars on their left and the other battalion with 8 infantry, three machine gun teams, mortars, two tigers and an STGIII on their right.

The Russians infantry arrived on the first turn.   The battalion in the center only getting one move, the one on the right getting two, and the one on the left getting five activations.  The Russian tank brigade arrived on the second turn.  One T34 battalion followed the infantry on the far left, while the other T34 battalion and the T70's advanced up the middle.
On the Russian right the two infantry battalions were able to get the upper hand against the opposing German battalion taking out several machine gun teams and some of the infantry.  Both sides on this flank rolled a blunder during the game.  One of the Russian infantry battalions fell back while the German commander did the same.

In the center the Russian tanks (commanded by Nicolai Hardwoodov) also had a blunder that was to their advantage as they had to advance.  The T70 battalion received the worst of a duel with one of the Tigers and the STG, loosing most of their vehicles.   We removed all destroyed stands during the game instead of marking the destroyed tanks.   If we had marked them there would have been quite a few burning hulks in the middle of the battlefield.

On the Russian left the infantry and the T34 battalion were able to eliminate the Tiger along with some ot the German infantry and advance on the village. At this point Jim had to leave for an appointment and Dan conceded the game.

Dan provided most of the terrain for the game. I provided the villages and the miniatures. The buildings are from the Paperterrain North Russian village set.

German defenders

End of second turn. Russian tanks advancing in the center.

Russian right flank after several turns. Germans have lost half their forces.

Other half of the battlefield. Russians have gained control of the hill on the left.


Saidul Hoque said...

At the end of the battle, Russian won it. Nice game.

Unknown said...

BlitzkriegCommander is a tabletop wargame designed to re-create battles of the Second World War and the Spanish Civil War using miniatures. It is published by Specialist Military Publishing who also publish Cold War Commander and Future War Commander.

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