Sunday, December 26, 2010

December painting projects

Completed two projects this month.
Achaemenid Persian Infantry. One unit of Immortals, seven units of Sparabara infantry, three units of other infantry. Immortals by Baccus. Sparabara are a mix of Baccus and Rapier. Others are all Rapier.
Republican Roman Consular Army. Two Roman Legions and Two Allied Legions. All figures by Rapier.


abdul666 said...

A lot of (pretty good!) work done!

But, if I may, the last time we saw the army of 18th C. Clove-Hamhock, it was still in dire need of new uniforms and lacking in cavalry?

Best wishes,

PS since your blog covers various periods and both 'historical' and 'imaginary' countries, may I suggest you 'label' your post for easier browsing your archive which, hopefully; will soon become a rich library?

William Butler said...

good suggestion. will do