Sunday, December 30, 2007


This will be a bit of a departure from Iranistan proper. I started ancient gaming years ago with WRG 3rd edition and an army of Airfix romans and metal 20mm based on the later Seleucid army(although it was some time later that WRG officially recognized that the Seleucid army had cataphracts and imitation legionaries). After years of gaming with them and other 25mm ancients and various 15mm horse and musket armies (acw, napoleonics, mexican-american war) i decided to convert everything to 6mm. This was due to having a fairly extensive collection of ghq and cnc micro-armor and a desire to use most of the same scenery and terrain for most periods. After trading and selling off the larger figures i now have armies that cover every period of history from ancients through to future science fiction and some fantasy. The majority of these are heroics and ros with some irregular, baccus, and rapier miniatures. Pictures of the ancient figures will be posted here at a future date.

Warmaster Ancients and Strategos are the two main commercial rule sets that i am currently using, though i have copies of almost every other rule set that has been released and various home grown rule sets made by others and myself. Warmaster Ancients provides a fun game though it is more of a game than a historical simulation. Strategos is published by The Society of Ancients and the author Phil Sabin will have a book titled "Lost Battles" that incorporates the rules and a lot of history published shortly(it can be pre-ordered at a substantial discout from Amazon USA,, and Strategos is more suited to one-on-one games and most battles take about two hours or less even with hundreds of figures on the battlefield.

I will end this post here as the Iranistan army has to repel another incursion by those Turanian pests.

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